Teacher Appreciation

Posted by Geskus Team on Oct 14, 2018 1:35:14 PM


"Ok friends, show me your best 4th grade self..." she said as she stood before them. "...We have 2nd graders watching and we want to set a good example for our friends".  A few kiddos wiggled and wriggled, two whispered to each other and then laughed a little.



... Picture day is an exciting day for students. Flashing lights, seeing classmates and friends outside of the classroom. Some excitement is only natural. Mrs. Jones put two fingers in the air and the last of the excitement calmed. With that single pleasant request that students 'show their best self' and a simple notion of raising the 'peace' sign, the students respected  Mrs. Jones. What's more, the second graders followed suit. And all the teachers in the room began to share in the common hand gesture and respect. 

My team watched in awe as the room quieted and the teachers shared silent smiles with the students who were now looking up to them. Remaining quiet, the fourth grade class lined up and headed out of the room. quickly behind, second grade followed. Mrs. Jones turned back to me and said "thank you for all of our help, you have all been great". I was caught off guard.... without the poise and tenacity of Mrs. Jones, we would still be working on creating a single line of fourth graders. The only rock stars I saw were Mrs. Jones and the other teachers in the room. Then I had that feeling again, the one we all get when we're in a school for picture day. That feeling of admiration for the teacher. For the long hours, for the patience, for taking care of and guiding the future. For making sense of the organized chaos that we call picture day. I turned to my team - "teachers are really something, aren't they?". They all agreed and we awaited the nest class.





Recently, Geskus Studios and Yearbook Publishing was given the honor to sponsor New Hampshire's "Teacher of the Year" initiative. This amazing award is granted to an individual who is "exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable, and skilled". A teacher who is "capable of speaking for and energizing the teaching profession, and representing the positive contributions of all teachers statewide".  (1)

At Geskus, we come across so many amazing teachers, so we are thrilled to sponsor such an important accolade!  Our involvement in New Hampshire's Teacher of the Year program highlights the passion each Geskus Team Member feels for being involved in the communities we service. Our jobs are so much bigger than school pictures. We are driven by finding the daily smile in students, teachers, administration, families and coworkers alike. Along the way, we learn so much from each individual we interact with.




The next class began to walk in, all of them with their finger on their nose and Mr. Patrick leading the line in fashion. "Welcome, happy picture day" I said "What great listeners you all are!" The students smiled and looked to Mr. Patrick for approval. "Can you all say 'thank you' to Mr. Patrick for being a great teacher?". In chorus, we all joined in with the students "Thaaannkk yooouu!". Mr. Patrick smiled humbly, as if to say 'no thanks needed' and then began to line the students up for photos.


Geskus Studios & Yearbook Publishing would like to congratulate Keith Noyes of Belmont Middle School, 2018 NH Teacher of the Year. (2)

We would also like to extend our sincere appreciation to every teacher making a difference every day!


(1) https://www.education.nh.gov/recognition/toy.htm 

(2) https://www.education.nh.gov/news/2018/2019-teacher-of-the-year.htm 



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