Rock Your Spring Picture Day!

Posted by Geskus Team on Mar 19, 2019 6:44:12 PM


The longer days, the warmer air, the flowers and trees in bloom, the best school day picture ever… Oh, that doesn’t top your list of reasons to love Spring?  Well, we’re here to help make your spring picture the best it can be!


Welcome Spring!

At Geskus, spring is a chance to shake things up!  We like to break the mold and get a little more creative with the pictures we take.  Each year, we introduce a new posing style and a new set of complimentary backgrounds to keep things fresh and interesting.  We decide on our portrait plan through a process of internal suggestions, customer feedback review, and extensive testing.  

For Spring 2019, we are proud to feature a lifestyle pose on portrait style backgrounds!  Read on to learn how to master this new lifestyle pose and make Spring 2019 the best picture yet!


Spring - Pose and Prop Banner-1Spring Prop & Pose


“Each child will be posed in a way that feels natural to them”. Perhaps you have seen this written in a few places throughout our spring advertising.  But what does it mean?  Let us explain…

This spring, we will be featuring a lifestyle pose and using a desk prop in each of our portraits.  The desk prop is lightweight and versatile and can be used by any age.  Posing with this prop will be determined by a few different factors: what pose you are most comfortable with and what pose your professional Geskus photographer thinks looks the best and most natural.  You may be standing and leaning on the desk, or you may be sitting.  You may have your hands in your pose, or you may not.  You may be facing left, or you may be facing right, or you may be facing more straight to the camera.  You may have additional props, like books, included, and you may not.   It all depends on what is best for YOU!

Not sure what to do?  Don’t worry!  Our photographers have trained for 10 days on spring posing alone!  They will help you achieve your most comfortable pose and will walk you through getting it just right*.

*Our photographers will never touch a student. Posing directions are given through key words, cues, and mirroring. We do our best to make the student comfortable and look natural. When available, we may ask for grooming or posing assistance from a student’s teacher or an approved adult.

Spring - Your spring portrait banner2

  Your Spring Portrait


Plan to be picture day ready from head to toe! Since you do not know in advance what your pose might be, it’s best to be ready for anything.

Remember, everything from your waist up may be photographed.  This includes hands and arms! 

Spring - grooming banner2

A Quick Note on Hair... 


When it comes to hair, we suggest styling as normal with special attention paid to taming fly-aways or pieces that tend to stick up.  If you are planning a haircut for picture day, schedule it 1-2 weeks before hand, to avoid too much of a ‘fresh cut’ look.

Our team of photographers are trained to take the best picture possible.  We bring plenty of one-use, disposable combs and all natural baby wipes on picture day.  With help from a teacher or approved adult, we can assist with grooming in the case of minor mishaps*.

Messes happen.  Sometimes, picture day is after lunch, or after naptime, or after recess.  Don’t worry too much about perfection!  Ultimately, the individual that you are at the moment of your portrait will be the one you have fun looking back on!  If desired, we offer retouching of minor facial blemishes on our order form and online.

* Style choices are important to the individual.  It is not our place to interfere with a subject’s style choices. We do not help with grooming when we are not given permission to do so.

*Our photographers will never touch a student. Grooming directions are given through cues, and mirroring. We do our best to make the student look their best.  When available, we may ask for grooming or posing assistance from a student’s teacher or an approved adult.



Spring - Outfit Banner2

What to Wear


For best results, clothing should be made of an opaque fabric, such as cotton or polyester. If you would rather go for a print, keep things simple with a plaid, stripe, polka dot, or simple pattern.  Button-down shirts, polos, and basic t-shirts (without a logo or brand) are always a safe choice!*

Keep in mind each school has a dress code.  Many schools require shirts with sleeves and have a no hat policy.  Sometimes, uniforms happen*.  That’s ok!  You can still express your personality through your background choice!

*We suggest you do not wear green on Picture Day.

*Please check with your school for specific rules and regulations. 

*Sometimes a student approaches the camera wearing a piece of outerwear (winter coat, sweat-jacket, fleece, hooded sweatshirt, etc). When this happens, our photographers are trained to ask the student if they would rather be photographed without wearing the outerwear.  Our suggestions are just that, we will photograph the child in their outerwear if they choose not to remove it at the time of their photo.  If you are concerned, a short note can be included on the outside of your child’s order form which indicates you would like their outerwear removed.



 Spring - Background Banner2-2

Background Choices


Our backgrounds are all new for Spring 2019!  We have chosen a portrait style effect where the majority of our backgrounds will feature a blur effect. This makes the student’s picture POP!   

Unsure which background to choose?  Our spring default background is a great choice for anyone.  But, we also have lots of fun and unique options offered on our flyer or online!  Like to read?  We have a colorful library background on our flyer this year! Love unicorns? You bet we’ve got that online!  Baseball fan?  We have that online too!   And so many more!*

When picking out your outfit, consider your background choice.  If you are choosing a background with more complexity, keep your outfit simple.  

Made the wrong background choice?  No worries.  We take our photos on greenscreen, which makes swapping for a new background color very simple and affordable.

*Please note, not all background choices are available on our order form.  We feature 6 backgrounds on our order form flyer, but other background choices may only be chosen when ordering online.  

*Don't worry!  Background choices are always complimentary!  Spring - learn more banner 

Looking for information on achieving the perfect smile?  Want to learn more about the picture day process?  Hop on over to our blog from Fall 2018! 

Still have some questions about our Spring 2019 Portrait Program?  Contact us!




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