It's Time to Get Picture-Day-Ready!

Posted by Geskus Team on Aug 16, 2018 1:00:44 PM


First things first - a portrait should be all about you at a certain moment in time.  That includes cheeky smiles, current fashion trend choices, crazy hair-do's, awkward poses and all. 

While we may believe that every portrait is perfect so long as it tells the story of you, we understand picture perfect is a little different…  At Geskus, it is our job (and our passion) to make that portrait the best that it can be while keeping all of these things in mind.  

Below, you’ll find some helpful tips to use when getting ready for your picture day!

Your Outfit

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We recommend wearing solid, subtle colors.  For best results, clothing should be made of an opaque fabric, such as cotton or polyester. If you would rather go for a print, keep things simple with a plaid, stripe, or polka dot.  Button-down shirts, polos, and basic t-shirts (without a logo or brand) are always a safe choice!

Keep in mind each school has a dress code.  Many schools require shirts with sleeves and have a no hat policy.  

Sometimes, uniforms happen.  That’s ok!  You can still express your personality through your background choice!

*Please check with your school for specific rules and regulations. For best results, do not wear green on Picture Day.


Your Background Choice

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We offer lots of background choices for your picture!  Our classic grey and classic blue are always a popular choice – but, we also have lots of fun and unique options like some of the ones shown above!  

When picking out your outfit, consider your background choice.  If you are choosing a background with more complexity, keep your outfit simple.  

Made the wrong background choice?  No worries.  We take our photos on greenscreen, which makes swapping for a new background color very simple and affordable.


Your Grooming: Hair and Face

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We suggest styling hair as normal with special attention paid to taming fly-aways or pieces that tend to stick up.  If you are planning a haircut for picture day, schedule it 1-2 weeks before hand, to avoid too much of a ‘fresh cut’ look.

Our team of photographers are trained to take the best picture possible.  We bring plenty of single-use combs and all natural baby wipes on picture day.  With your permission, we can help with grooming in the case of minor mishaps.

Your style choices are important.  It is never our intention to interfere with those choices. We do not help with grooming when we are not given permission to do so.

Messes happen.  Sometimes, picture day is after lunch, or after naptime, or after recess.  Don’t worry too much about perfection!  Ultimately, the individual that you are at the moment of your portrait will be the one you have fun looking back on.  

If desired, we offer retouching of minor facial blemishes.


Your Pose


Did you know that the left side of the face looks more flattering than the right side in photographs? (1)  We take our photos with the subject seated and facing right, unless otherwise requested.

Our photographers will help you get into position with cue words, demonstration and hand gestures.  If additional posing help is needed, we call on teachers and parent-helpers to step in.

Practice makes perfect!  To get ready for posing, sit on a seat or stool and turn your knees to the right at about 45 degrees. Sit up tall from your lower back and keep your shoulders back and relaxed down. Rest your hands in your lap.   Turn your head to look straight (parallel to the seat or stool).  Now, smile!


Your Smile


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Say “pepperoni”!  Sometimes, picture day smiles are the cheesiest of them all, but our photographers have a whole bag of tricks to capture a natural, real smile!  

Practice at home by remembering a funny moment you had recently.  Think of a word that will remind you of that moment on picture day.  Now, take that word with you and when you're ready to smile for your photo, repeat it to yourself. 

To help a friend or classmate smile naturally, try telling them how nice they look for picture day.  Or, give them a high-five just before it's their turn.  Kindness always helps to bring a real smile!  (2)


 Your Picture Day

IMG_7652 (1)

On picture day, we strive for limited school-day interruption.  We keep our interactions with each subject relatively brief with just the right amount of silly.   

If you are feeling nervous to have your picture taken, know that you can come to any one of our Geskus Team members for a confidence boost!  Just look for the photographers in the blue shirts!


Now you have the tips you need to put everything together and get a great photo on picture day. But remember, while there are lots of ways to prepare for a great picture, it's most important that you just be you, and have lots of fun doing it!  


(1) Science Daily

(2) Learn more about how important we think kindness is with our Geskus Greatness initiative! 


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