Is the World Flat?

Posted by Geskus Team on Jun 18, 2018 10:15:44 AM

You can't frame digital.

Imagine a day some years from now, your child is graduating from the 8th grade.  You would love to recollect on their school portraits from across the years.  You remember the photo from Kindergarten and the photo from First Grade being on a CD, the photo from Second Grade being on a different CD, Third Grade’s photo was on a flashdrive, Fourth Grade was a digital file that you received via email, and Fifth through Seventh Grade were all images that were texted directly to your phone.  Making it even more difficult, your child was photographed by one School Picture Company in Elementary School, and a different School Picture Company throughout Middle School. 

If only you had printed those portraits for easy reminiscing… 

It’s a rapidly evolving time we live in.  While we continue to push the boundaries of technological innovation, we are also ever aware of the importance and simplicity of a printed photo.  Print is a time-honored tradition of years of school photos, hanging framed in your hallway – they really do grow up so fast!  Print is the canvas portrait gifted to a loved one, or the slick metal print propped on your mantel.  Print is the fun photo keychain neighboring your house keys on a ring.  It’s the album you look back on time and time again.

At Geskus, we believe the world is flat – speaking strictly of portrait prints, of course.  In 2017 alone, it was reported that over 170 million square feet of photo paper was used to create printed photos.  That equates to over 309 million 8x10 portraits (1).  That’s a lot of keepsakes!  It seems almost hard to believe in this very digitally saturated environment we live in.

We find that it’s not just about how many photos are printed, it’s about the emotional connection one has to a print.  Think about a day at the beach with your family.  How many photos do you take on average? Perhaps you post these photos on social media or share via email.  How many times do you look back on those photos? When you look back, do you feel the same emotion as you did on the day?  What happens to those photos if you lose your phone?

A recent study found that digital content is processed quickly by our minds and stored in an area of the brain that is recycled frequently as it is constantly being flooded with content.  When comparing digital images against printed images, it was found that digital images were harder to recall, and printed images were more easily remembered.  While there was no preference for one over another, printed portraits simply engaged the audience for more time and triggered a deeper emotional connection (2)(3).

So, what is a School Portrait Company to do in this turbulent time?  The prevailing trends suggest a 100% turn toward digital, but print seems to be the venerable way to capture memories.  Our team is working each day to keep up with the demand to ‘go digital’ and all the while preserving precious moments in print. We offer a versatile app that our customers can use to view portraits of their child right on their smart phone.  Our online ordering makes shopping quick and easy. Our prints remain the best quality in the industry: premium lustre finish printed on Kodak Endura Paper. We offer fun novelties and photo products that stand the test of time.  

Imagine your child’s 8th grade graduation again.  This time, you are in a different environment – one where you did have that 8x10 school portrait printed each year.  You slowly study 9 framed pictures, as you have done many times before, and smile at the story they capture.  So simple, and yet so profound.  It’s a good thing the world is flat.



(1) Source at Kodak Printing.





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