4 Best Practices: The Ways Geskus Gets It Right

Posted by Geskus Team on Jun 18, 2018 9:15:15 AM

For 14 years now, Geskus Studios & Yearbook Publishing has invested time and resources into growing our presence in New England.  In this span of time, we are proud to say that we have become the largest school photography and yearbook publishing provider in the area. 

Our success two-fold.  We are thankful for the support of our schools and communities, and we continue to remain focused on four core principles: Quality, Customer Support, Innovation and Passion.




If Geskus Studios & Yearbook Publishing had a middle name, it would be Quality… Not that we need any longer of a name!  Quality is constantly on our mind and it affects the way we approach every aspect of the business.

It begins in our sales and marketing material, where we provide fresh, colorful and straight-to-the-point literature for our clients and customers.  From sales and marketing, we move on to field work.  Our vetted photographers are trained for a total of 10 days each year to ensure they are using professional, modern and safe tactics to capture school pictures.  After the photo is taken, it moves in-house to our vertically integrated production facility.  We monitor photos from initial import to final printing, taking time with each individual capture to achieve perfection.  At the printing stage, we only accept the best. We produce our images using Silver Halide technology and we only print on the highest quality Kodak Endura photo paper with a clean lustre finish.  Once photos are printed, they are packaged in a protective cover folder which includes complimentary items for our customer so that no child is left empty handed. Finally, they are shipped within weeks of capture.



 Customer Support



We feel customer support is an equally important aspect of our continued success.  

Our customer service team is comprised of parents of local students, retired educators and people with a passion for making our customers and clients happy – no matter what. Throughout the years we have learned a great deal from our customers. We provide prompt and thorough responses to help our customers find ‘happy’ again as quickly and easily as possible. 

We recently launched a support page, dedicated to helping our customer navigate from problem to solution more efficiently and independently. Looking for a more personal interaction?  We have set up LiveChat to talk one on one in a web-based format.  





IMG_7652 (1)-519256-edited

We are mindful that our world is evolving rapidly to a digital interface. We embrace this changing environment, forging ahead to become a modern online order fulfillment company. 

Recently, we developed an innovation that transcends industry competitors - our online ordering system.  Ordering school pictures has never been easier.  We keep the online experience fast and simple, just a few clicks and you can order school pictures that will be shipped directly to your home.  Gone are the days of the backpack-crumpled photo packages, gone are the days of those cumbersome picture order forms. We are proud to offer this innovation to our customers and continue to see growth in participation.

Geskus Innovation isn't just limited to the development of web-based ordering - we are exploring innovation on a weekly basis.  Our photography equipment is constantly compared to the latest and greatest.  Our production team invests in new software regularly to make the most of editing power. Our printers are replaced for new units as needed to ensure the best color saturation and quality. We use customer management software to maintain meaningful relationships with our clients. We are always on the lookout for new products and services that will improve our customer and client experience. 

At Geskus, we move a mile a minute – innovation is a standard practice.






This is a big one.  Every single Geskus team member has a huge amount of passion for what we are doing.  It’s not just about taking and printing pictures – It’s about capturing a moment in time and producing a product that can be cherished for years to come.  We each ‘aim for awesome’ and take the time to make things right if ever we miss that mark.   We work around the clock to meet delivery times and fulfill special requests.  We support each other every day and constantly grow toward our goal: Geskus Greatness.

Our team is comprised of passionate individuals who truly believe in creating the best product and experience for everyone involved.




At Geskus, we don’t just apply the standard formula, we push the boundaries of what the photography industry is accustomed to.  We admire the support of our schools and communities and we continue to forge ahead in quality, support, innovation and passion; all while staying true to our local, New England roots. 

We believe all of this combined has helped us grow, and we look forward to what’s still to come. 



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