Geskus Goes Green

Posted by Geskus Team on Jul 12, 2019 4:45:23 PM


We are more than a school picture company, we are Geskus.  Being “more” means many things to our team, one of which is being conscientious, ethical and responsible in our practices.


We are always looking toward the future and questioning how we can become more sustainable and friendly to the earth we all share. While remaining eco-friendly, we still prioritizing quality and value for our customers so that the memories we capture last a lifetime.

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We are proud to print our photos on the industry’s best photo paper. We are even more proud to say that it is environmentally friendly. Kodak Endura paper is produced with Kodak’s “commitment to reducing the environmental, health and safety impacts of products”.



Nothing says green like saving paper! We have a robust online ordering platform that is mobile-friendly and available to all of our Picture Day customers.  Online ordering helps us save paper on proof sheets and marketing announcements.  Plus, when a customer orders online, their photos ship directly to their home, reducing multiple hand-offs and the carbon footprint of transport.

For some services, such as senior portraits, proofs are emailed directly to the customer. We find our customers love the convenience of faster delivery – no more waiting for the mail or making a second trip to the photography studio to review your photos.   

We are continually working toward virtual proofs for even more future applications!



We believe school services (ID cards, directory booklets, yearbooks, etc) should be two things:

1.) Durable and long-lasting

2.) Produced on recycled materials. 

Our ID cards, for example, are plastic-free.  While many ID cards are produced on PVC, we print on biodegradable Teslin Substrate and laminate with a recycled film.  The result is an ID that lasts as long as PVC in practice, but will break down over time after disposed properly.

All of our printed material is produced on 100% recycled paper.  This includes directory booklets, envelopes, posters, postcards, flyers, and more.



We are proud to have partnered with TreeRing for our yearbook solution.  Not only do they keep things fun and very user-friendly, but they share the same drive as Geskus does for preserving our planet. 

TreeRing’s environmental roots go deeper than their name - they have partnered with “Trees for the Future” to plant a tree for every yearbook purchased.  Plus, they print on recycled paper and only produce the exact number of books purchased, eliminating unnecessary waste. 



Our love for our planet runs deep here at Geskus and our entire team participates daily. 

Whether it’s planting wildflowers at the office for the bees to enjoy, recycling our waste, driving eco-friendly company cars, or sharing rides to various events, we are always thinking of new ways to improve.



Geskus is always open to new ideas to help us get better at protecting our planet. Here are a few things we are working on for the near future:

Company-wide Hybrid or Electric Vehicles:

    • We are working toward driving exclusively emission-free vehicles to our schools and photography sites.

Solar Energy:
    • Being energy-independent is something we are very interested in. As a local company, we are direct members of the communities we service. Whenever we are able to cut costs, such as electricity, we always extend those savings to our customer base.



Still have some questions about our Green Initiative?  Contact us!




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